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Where do I stand on the issues facing Venice?  Like you, I believe that water quality and protecting the environment are crucial not only to your health and well-being, but also to our local economy.  Local merchants thrive when people visit our town.  They visit our town because of our water and beautiful ecosystems.  Also like you, I am concerned about the health and safety of our residents and all who visit Venice.  It's time you became a priority in our local government.  It's time our local government held developers accountable.  It's time to have elected officials in office from people-powered campaigns instead of being developer funded.  Vote Brian Kelly for Venice City Council Seat 2.  ~ A local voice you can trust.
Water Quality & The Environment

A major priority not only in my campaign but in my life is the health of our Environment and Water Quality.  They always have been.  I grew up enjoying the paradise of SWFL playing in the water, fishing, diving, wake-boarding, kayaking, and enjoying a day at the beach with my family.  Like most kids that grew up then in Florida, I was always outside.  I am fully dedicated to ensuring that our fragile ecosystems get the protections they need.  Our State and Local economy is tied to the health of our Environment and the quality of its water. Over the past decade our government has been dismantling the water management districts, the Florida department of Health and other agencies. We are now dealing with these cuts with failing infrastructure and massive waste water spills that have been on the front page of every news article more times than not. I feel that by protecting our natural resources is key to protecting our health, our quality of life and our economy.  I recently heard that for every 1 dollar we invest in Nature and our Natural resources we get a 5 dollar return on our investment. Now is the time to invest in our economy.


  • Stormwater runoff increasing nitrogen in The Gulf

  • Overfertilization

  • Municipalities not following Best Management Practices (BMPs)

  • Pollution/waste water spills


  • Building practices that reduce or mitigate the effects of stormwater runoff

  • Reduced usage of fertilizers and community education programs and events focused on fertilizer alternatives, Composting, Florida-friendly gardening, rain barrels, Soil building and more.

  • Making Venice an ocean-friendly city by following the guidance of other Municipalities such as San Francisco.

  • Diverting food waste away from the landfill by a collaboration with Community Composting initiatives.

The bottom line is in order for our economy to thrive we need healthy ecosystems. We must invest in our local natural resources and do everything we can to preserve them for generations to come.

Public Health and Well-Being

The health and well-being of everyone in our community is important to me and I believe that by building each other up, we improve together and everyone gains.  When elected to city council, I will bring attention and focus to the issues that affect the health and well-being of our community:

  • COVID19:  preventing spread, more testing, supporting our community with resources to help see you through this pandemic, education, and safely reopening

  • Water Quality

  • Community Gardens, Public Parks and Recreational Areas

  • Address the issues of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Homeless services needed for the well-being of all of us in the City.

  • Youth outreach and engagement opportunities.  Reduce barriers to services, and implement programs to offer enrichment as well as prevention to help keep our youth on a path to happiness and success.

  • Protecting the most vulnerable members of our community, our seniors, by ensuring that vital services are easily and widely available.

Responsible Development

Development has a place in our local economy and it's not realistic to say, "No more development!"  But it is possible to stand up against over-development, such as what we've seen ravish our local ecosystems that our economy desperately needs for survival.  Our Community's fragile natural spaces are at risk from powerful interests claiming their stakes at a piece of the land for profit. 


Like you I am frustrated by this type of corruption and of the developers profiting off our future economy in which our kids will pay the ultimate price. 

It is vital that we support the Environmental Advisory Board's recommendation for the Planning Commission.  They have made great recommendations that will be up for consideration by the board in the coming months.  I fully support this initiative and will be following it closely.