• Brian Kelly For Venice City Council

Red Tide and a Movement to Protect Water

When local governments ignore the warning signs, disasters are inevitable.

I’ve lived in this area my entire life and grew up enjoying all that nature offers here in our SWFL paradise. Unfortunately, as an adult, I’ve witnessed what happens when the interests of residents and the environment are pushed to the side as development and greed take over. In 2018, it all came to a head with the ecological disaster of an out of control algae bloom killing not only millions of sea animals, but also destroying businesses, making people sick, disrupting families, and crippling our economy. At that time, I cofounded a local environmental organization called Hands Along The Water and have spent the past two years spreading awareness, speaking at council and commission meetings, writing letters, and working with local municipalities to follow best management practices. Now, I feel compelled to go a step further and put my money where my mouth is and run for office.

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