• Brian Kelly For Venice City Council

An Endorsement that Means Something

Candidates talk up endorsements.  But most often they are the moneyed power brokers that are responsible for getting us where we are; overdeveloped and underfunded by those same interests.

I've got a new endorsement that I'm especially proud of from Control Growth Now, probably the strongest voice for sanity in how we allow development to proceed in Sarasota County.

We're of one mind in that development needs to be responsible.  Perhaps most importantly, growth should pay its own way and help fund the infrastructure that is so behind.  And that has not been happening.  It is not just roads, but sewers, schools, and so much more.

And so I'm proud to stand together with Control Growth Now in the face of all those that would rather take a quick profit and ignore the long-term costs to the citizens.

Visit Control Growth Now at

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