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My name is Brian Kelly and I’m running for Venice City Council seat 2. 

I was born in Sarasota, the grandson of a hardworking rail worker from Ohio who immigrated from Mexico, the son of a mother who became a successful banker, and the child of a father who was a carpenter and contractor.  My stepfather who has also been a big influence in my life, taught me the value of a dollar and always offered unconditional support.  My family has a real depth of values and life experiences that they instilled in me from an early age.  My grandfather taught me the value of hard work and perseverance, my mother showed me that dedication and love for family is crucial, and moments with my father helped me realize my passion and love for building and spending time in nature.  For all of this, I am grateful.


I’ve lived in this area my entire life and grew up enjoying all that nature offers here in our SWFL paradise.  Unfortunately, as an adult, I’ve witnessed what happens when the interests of residents and the environment are pushed to the side as development and greed take over.  In 2018, it all came to a head with the ecological disaster of an out of control algae bloom killing not only millions of sea animals, but also destroying businesses, making people sick, disrupting families, and crippling our economy.  At that time, I co-founded a local environmental organization called Hands Along The Water and have spent the past two years spreading awareness, speaking at council and commission meetings, writing letters, and working with local municipalities to follow best management practices.  Now, I feel compelled to go a step further and put my money where my mouth is and run for office.


My campaign is people-funded, not developer funded.  When elected, I will represent you, the people of Venice, and put your interests first.  Enough with the unlimited development, sewage spills, crumbling infrastructure, and long term mass destruction of our fragile ecosystems for short term gain.  I am the voice of the people and I am dedicated to making sure this area is a place that’s thriving and safe for generations to come.  How?   Common sense environmental protections that should have been put in place decades ago, holding developers accountable, and protecting public health and safety.

Growing up in Sarasota County was the best childhood anyone could dream of and I want to do everything I can to protect and preserve this area for generations to come.

Brian Kelly for Venice City Council Seat 2

~ A Voice for the People

~My Priorities~

Experience and Offices Held
  • Small business owner
  • Hands Along The Water Co-Founder & Board Member
  • Sierra Club Member
  • Venice Ready For 100 Leader
  • Carpenter
  • Venice Construction Board of Appeals Member
  • Co-founder of Community Land Trust of Sarasota
  • Coastal and Heartland National Estuary Partnership (CHNEP) citizen advisory committee member

Healthy Ecosystems  - Healthy Economy

Water Quality

& Environmental Protections

We protect what we love.  It's time to make the environment and water a priority.

You deserve better

Responsible Development

Unlimited development has led to sewage spills, crumbling infrastructure, and long term mass destruction of our fragile ecosystems for short term gain.

You deserve to be a priority for a change.

Public Health 

& Safety

For far too long, special interests have been a priority in Venice. You deserve to be first.



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Community Outreach

Brian co-founded and is a board member of the local environmental organization Hands Along The Water. He is dedicated to spreading awareness and education.