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On Nov. 3rd, 2020, you have the opportunity to vote for change in Venice. I am proud to be a Venetian and I believe community is key in all aspects of life. And keeping us connected and cared for, especially in these times, is crucial. For years I’ve been watching what is happening in our lovely little Venice, and I’ve become active in trying to promote some of my core values.  It all leads me to here, deciding to offer a different voice to represent you . . . to run for City Council.

In recent years the City Council has been dominated by candidates backed by special interests. They’ve destroyed the previous Comprehensive Plan, ignored environmental and water quality issues, made questionable fiscal decisions, approved one development after another, rezoned tracts, issued variances and so much more . . . all not in the interest of the citizens.

My Priorities:

  • Water Quality and Environmental Protection

  • Responsible Development

  • Protecting Public Health and Well-Being

You Deserve Better!

Just like you, I value our small town charm and the quality of life we have. Unfortunately, with special interests controlling much of the Planning Commission and Venice City Council, that charm is at risk.  The citizens and small businesses of Venice deserve better.  You need full representation and your needs should be the priority of the city government that works for you.  As your voice on the Venice City Council, I will ensure that you are a priority.

Thank you for learning more about me and I look forward to your support!



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